San Antonio Asylum Lawyers

Asylum cases are very difficult to win in immigration court without effective legal counsel. If you are interested in applying for asylum or have a pending case in the immigration court system, the Treviño Law Firm are San Antonio immigration lawyers that can help you fight for your right to stay in this country. Asylum cases are litigated in court in front of an immigration judge and applicants must establish a fear of persecution if they return to their home country and that they would in fact be persecuted upon their return.

Immigration courts require substantial evidence that the applicant does face a true and legitimate danger in their home country and that the persecution is based on one of the following categories: religion, race, political opinion, a particular social group, or nationality. Approximately 90% of asylum seekers that do not have attorneys lose their case, while almost 50% of applicants with legal representation are approved. There are many benefits to being represented by the attorneys at Treviño Law Firm, including obtaining extensions from the court in order to properly document the asylum case. The asylum process can take from six months to several years and during this time your attorney can work on improving the evidence and arguments in your case or find alternative means to adjust your legal status in this country. As your immigration lawyers, we will be in continual direct contact with the immigration court and make certain that there are no miscommunications and resultant deportation order.

There are many San Antonio immigration lawyers, but the Treviño Law Firm will ensure that your asylum case will be handled with professionalism and effective representation. It’s important that you not delay in presenting your case as the law requires applicants to present their asylum applications within one year of their entry into the United States.