Attorney Jorge G. Treviño is the founder and managing partner of the Treviño Law Firm, Texas. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas and completed his Juris Doctor at Ave Maria Law School in Ann Arbor, MI.

Mr. Treviño began working in the field of immigration law while in law school at Ave Maria’s Asylum Clinic. Upon graduation and admission to the Illinois Bar he moved to Chicago, Illinois to practice immigration law with a small law firm. Attorney Treviño has represented clients applying for nonimmigrant visas, permanent residence, and naturalization. His experience also includes asylum, removal (formerly deportation), and waivers.

Attorney Treviño was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 2007 and the Northern District of Illinois and Southern District of Texas Bars in 2009.

Coming from a family of lawyers, Attorney Treviño has worked in the legal field since he was a child. As a high school student, he worked at his parents’ family law firm in Laredo, Texas. He continued in the legal field during college when he worked for a law firm in San Antonio. While in law school, Attorney Treviño clerked for the prosecutor’s offices of Webb County in Laredo,Texas and Wade County in Detroit, Michigan and the Public Defenders Office of Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He also interned in the Texas Southern District Court, Laredo Division.

Attorney Treviño decided to concentrate in the area of immigration law to assist individuals in its ever adapting complexities. Being that his parents were immigrants themselves, he realizes the important role an immigration lawyer has in helping individuals and families grasp their dreams to attain a better life. He understands that the United States is a compilation of immigrants and the country is best served when it can draw on the contributions from people of different backgrounds and cultures.